IRIS Notes | Online recording system for Play Therapists

IRIS Notes : Sign up, Sign in and Say Goodbye to Paper!

IRIS Notes helps you capture, process and produce notes + data while you focus on what is most important - helping children heal from trauma through play.

Ready to use straight out of the box:

Unlike other general use systems IRIS Notes is set up and ready to go with all the data capture forms you need for your Play Therapy practice. IRIS Notes is pre-configured to record all your client information, so no need to spend time struggling to customise a general purpose system to suit your needs.

Monitoring Impact and Outcomes... and More!

IRIS Notes allows you to quickly and easily:

  • analyse your SDQ and Positive Impact Assessment results and produce tables and graphs to reflect the impact of play therapy sessions - all done automatically based on your records.
  • print off a midway assessment review letter, based on the information you hold on the system.
  • share selected child protection information with relevant professionals and authorities such as social workers and police.
  • Free up pastoral staff time to be used more proactively
  • Includes unlimited parent and student accounts

IRIS Notes has everything you need to run your play therapy practice

  • Client referral form
  • Case notes
  • Observations
  • Risk assessments
  • Parent interviews
  • Session notes
  • Midway Assessments and SDQ results
  • Positive impact assessments
  • Child protection concerns
  • Behaviour incidents
  • Supervision notes
  • Feedback from you clients
  • Quality assurance information about your service

IRIS Notes saves you time and solves your data security problems

  • Paper notes are inefficient, bulky and not easily amended.
  • Transcribing data onto Excel spreadsheets is time-consuming and tedious.
  • Monitoring outcomes efficiently and easily using a paper system is not easy.
  • Storing client data on a personal laptop is not secure.
  • Having notes locked in filing cabinets is not very convenient.
  • Difficult to share key information with other professionals.
  • Not easy to review historical data on paper.
  • Note sure your system complies with new data regulations.
  • All your notes in one, secure place online: referral forms, client notes, supervision, child protection notes etc.
  • No more Excel spreadsheets! All the graphs, tables and outcomes you need to demonstrate effectiveness are generated automatically.
  • No need to store sensitive data on personal laptops. Everything is stored online and accessed via your secure, password protected user account.
  • No more endless paper notes in filoing cabinets. Everything is in one place and readily accessible at the click of a button.
  • CP concerns and meeting notes can be easily shared with other professionals.
  • The system is fully GDPR compliant and ready to use out of the box.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Data Protection laws are changing

The new GDPR regulations came into force on May 25th 2018. These regulations impose new, more stringent conditions on gathering and processing data.

Within this statement we want to highlight to our customers the measures we have put in place to ensure compliance with the GDPR where we hold or process personal data on your behalf.

As a play therapist you hold personal and sensitive data about your clients. How you process and store taht data is important. You will need to demonstrate good data security practice in line with the new legislation. The IRIS NOtes system is GDPR compliant and ensures taht all your data is stored safely and protected against cyber attack. The IRIS NOtes system does not require sensitive or personal data to be stored on your own personal laptops. There is no need to keep reams of paper-based notes that risk being lost, stolen or misplaced. The system allows you to easily audit, update and collate client information. Data capture is via simple, easy to use web forms.

  • All your client data is stored on secure, UK-based servers.
  • Nothing is lost or mislaid. All your information is together in one place.
  • Your data is protected from unauthorised access.
  • Statistical analysis of your data is simple, quick and straightforward.
  • Your client data is always up-to-date. Information can be easily updated and amended.

To find out more about the GDPR, click here.

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